Sudarshanam and Origin of Photon

A spheroid formed by assembly of krsna Kan, represents PHOTON

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Image copyright: Bhagwat Krsna

Krsna Particle congestion and spin aligned close packing 

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Spin aligned closed packed Krsna Kan, captures the vacuum of Universe (Rigveda) 

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Krsna Kan captures void of universe to give birth to Sudarshanam (Photon) Rigveda 

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Sudarshanam body, equatorial area is represented by Sudarshan Chakra, Polar area is gated to create Magnetic Shesha (Magnetic Micro-environment

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As explained in Rigveda and symbolized in form of DISK with Venkatesha and Sudarshan chaka with Krsna, structure of Sudarshanam, a spheroid assembly of close packed Krsna Kan (Photon). 

Darkness to Sudarshan 

Vedic texts and symbols have advanced physics theories embeded in them

táma āsīt támasā gūháḷam ágre
apraketáṃ saliláṃ sárvam ā idám
tuchyénābhú ápihitaṃ yád ā́sīt
tápasas tán mahinā́jāyataíkam

 At first there was only darkness wrapped in darkness.
All this was only unillumined cosmic water.
That One which came to be, enclosed in nothing,
arose at last, born of the power of knowledge.


This Sukta clearly mentions that Dark particle flowing across the wall of universe, captures vacuum of Universe and forms SUDARSHANAM (PHOTON)

Flow congestion of Krsna Kan brings about spin aligned close packing of Krsna Kan. Vortices formed around these congestion could capture void of Universe in typical formation to give birth to SUDARSHANAM (PHOTON)

Vacuum of space is packed by a spheroid assembly of Krsna Kan and this assembly represents SUDARSHANAM (PHOTON) 

Birth of Sudarshanam (Photon) illuminates the Dark primordial Universe.


Sudarshan chakra assembly of Krsna Particle transforms DARK Krsna Kan (particle) into illumination. Sudarshanam (means visualization of Krsna Kan)

1008 Krsna particles aligned along equator of PHOTON with spin along latitude, assembles with spin aligned Krsna particle rows to create hollow inner wall of photon. Body of PHOTON is formed by additional layers of Krsna Kan under constrain with spin alignment. The structure of equatorial region is represented by sudarshan chakra of Lord Krsna.

Magnetic poles of Sudarshanam (photon) are created by 2 (two) polar openings in structure of photon.

North Pole and South Pole of Photon (Sudarshanam) are created by gating of polar opening by spin of Krsna Kan aligning them.

North pole of Photon is created by “THE OUTBOUND SPIN” of Krsna Kan aligning the first and innermost layer of polar openings.

South pole of   Photon is created by “THE INBOUND SPIN” of Krsna Kan aligning the first and innermost layer of polar opening.

Photon (Sudarshanam) is a spindle shaped body, the equator of which, represents “CHAKRA”, it spin along its axis and moves forward. It carries a complex MICROENVIRONMENT of  Krsna Kan surrounding itself. This MICROENVIRONMENT imparts property of perceptibility to the particle (Sudarshanam). 

"Shesha" represents Micro-environement of particles, it is formed by the surrounding Krsna Kan trapped due to gravity of body of Sudarshanam

The journey from Darkness to Light as described in Rigveda and symbolized in depiction of Venkatesha and Krsna. 

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Poles gated by spin of Krsna Kan, inflow pole represent South Pole, Outflow pole represents North Pole of Sudarshanam

Magnetic Field of Sudarshanam

Flow pattern of krsna kan along the polar region of Sudarshanam (PHOTON) creates pattern of flow represents magnetic field of Sudarshanam. 

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Electric Field of Sudarshanam 

Sudarshan chakra represent equatorial region of the Sudarshanam. The pattern of krsna kan flow pattern created by spin of Sudarshanam generates electric field of Sudarshanam

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Electro-Magnetic Field of Photon

Microenvironment of Sudarshanam at Equatorial region and Polar region represent electric and magnetic field of Sudarshanam (Photon) respectively. This is the basis of functionality of Sudarshanam.

Microenvironment is representation of SHESHA of VISHNU in Photon. Microenvironment is created by pattern of flow of Krsna Kan around the body of PHOTON due to spin induced gating at polar region and spin of body of photon.

Significance of Peacock Plumage

Depiction of Krsna with peacock plumage is not co-incidental or mythological but highly conceptual. And we can claim this with great ascertation since we have already derived structure of Photon through sudarshan chakra. Not only literary meaning but structure of sudarshan chakra resembles structure of Photon. 

Retrospectively since we have already defined the process of origin of Sudarshanam in RIGVEDA suktam. Now if we review peacock plumage it becomes clear that, it is pictoral representation of the Rigveda suktam. Centre of feather represent the area of congestion in flow of Krsna Kan and emanating from central congestion, the individual feather represent a Sudarshanam (Photon) radiating away from this site of congestion. Sudarshanam has packed vacuum space of universe in its core.

DEBATABLE ISSUES...............

This part will expand the structures and theories defined in Vedas, in this section there is plenty of scope for debate. This part is open for discussion and debate....