"Samudra Manthan" Origin of  Pillars of Creation"

Samudra Manthan

Samudra Manthan proper is a final process of Churning in our Universe. It is also driven by VASUKI NAGA (Original Neutrino Radiation). Neutrons are compressed in a spheroid formation of Churning Ball under the pressure of Heads of focussing beams of Original Neutrino Radiation (VASUKI).

Neutrons are matched by their spin and Polarity to give birth to Mother Nucleus (Hiranyagarbha)


Hiranyagarbha splits to liberate various nuclei of elements, which are going to populate our Universe. The Nuclei  are released in the space of Universe. VSHNU (Electron) is protector of Universe and it transforms the Universe. Nuclei will acquire electrons, as protective cover around them and then will transform into Atoms. These atoms will interact with each other by creating bonds between and amongst themselves, creating dust or pillars of creations.

Pillars of creations or Mount Kailas

Vedas are scientific observations memorised and preserved for thousands of generations. 

Rigveda, in initial sections described Fundamental Theories of Physics, 

1. Energy and mass of Universe 

2. concept of Dark Energy,

3.  origin of Photons and their structure

4. Origin of Electron, positron and Neutrinos and their structure and functional correlation

5. Formation of Proton, Neutron and various atoms in Samudra Manthan 

Vedas in later sections describes second set of cosmic observation related to Cosmology.  These observations are of formation of Dust of creation and formations of cosmic bodies, planets, stars and galaxies.

Cosmologically, the Meru mountain was also described as being surrounded by Mount Mandara to the east, Supasarva Mountain to the west, Kumuda Mountain to the north and Kailasa to the south. These are massive huge mounds of various atoms or dust of creation in the space of the Universe.