Krsna Kan and Origin of Universe

Image courtesy:Tirupati Balaji Temple

Krsna Kan has linear and spin angular momentum. Image copyright: Bhagwat Krsna

Krsna Kan is one and only elementary particle of Universe

Krsna Kan is smallest, fastest, superluminal particle of universe, its physical properties are physical properties of matter stretched to perfection. It is represented in the GOD HEAD.


It is perfectly spherical, solid. rigid, non deformable particle with mass and energy. It is non-thermal, non-electric, non-magnetic, perfect perpetual machine with perfect conservation of mass and energy separately. It has linear and spin angular momentum.

This is modern, scientific representation of knowledge and concepts of Vedas in language of Physics.

Krsna is self explanatory and supreme GOD, but Krsna has answers for scientific community as well.

Krsna Kan "a perfect elementary particle" represent DARK ENERGY & MATTER of Universe.

Here is the explanation.    

Cosmic flow of Krsna Kan is all pervasive and non perceivable.                                                                              Image copyright: Bhagwat Krsna

Krsna Kan is All Pervasive


Krsna, by virtue of His all-pervasive nature, the Supreme Lord is within the universe as well as within all elements of the universe"

(Brahma Samhita)

Krsna Particle flows across the universe as Multi-directionally symmetrical uniform and steady Cosmic flow. It is all pervasive but not perceivable due to Multi-directional symmetrical flow

This will be elaborated in sections ahead.

Krsna Kan is NON-THERMAL, NON-ILLUMINATED, NON-VIBRATIONAL, DARK PARTICLE with linear and angular momentum (Shiv Purana)

Image copyright: Bhagwat Krsna

Properties of Krsna Kan cosmic flow

In Shiva Purana mentions that at the time of Great Dissolution, all the mobile and immobile objects of the world were dissolved and everything gets enveloped in darkness. No celestial body existed. No demarcation of the day and the night existed.  There was no fire, no wind, no earth and no water. There was no unmanifest primordial being. The whole firmament was one complete void. There was no Dharma or Adharma, no sound, no touch, no smell, no colour and no taste. (Chapter 6: 1-7)

Again highly evolved concept of cosmology, in the primordial universe, there are no matter forms, everything has dissolved, even PHOTONS have dissolved and there is total darkness. There is only Krsna Kan which is flowing across the universe. Krsna kan is non-illuminated, non-thermal, non-vibrational particle. It is perfect DARK particle. Due to its multi-directional symmetrical flow, it is not perceived in the space of Universe.