"SHIVLINGAM" Blackhole


Shivlingam is depicted and described in Vedic scriptures similar to Black holes. The description is so-much advanced that it defines not only structure and function of Black holes, but gives complete insight into cosmic cycle.


The Linga Purana states, "Shiva is signless, without color, taste, smell, that is beyond word or touch, without quality, motionless and changeless"

Skanda Purana: "The endless sky (that great void which contains the entire universe) is the Linga, the Earth is its base. At the end of time the entire universe and all the Gods finally merge in the Linga itself."

Three very complicated concepts have been simpli fied in this shloka of skandh purana. Blackhole (Shiva) is nothing but a vacuum space. 

Expansion of this concept is that the cosmic flow of Krsna kan which is filling the space of Universe is absent inside the Blackhole.

Blackhole contains pure vacuum space, due this property any matterform which enters the blackhole is completely dissolved in absence of supporting cosmic flow of Krsna kan which acts like nuclear force or AdiParashakti.


Second concept elucidated in this shloka is The wall of Blackhole or reason of singularity of Blackhole.

To hold vacuum space inside The blackhole needs an impermeable wall and that's why it's not made of matterforms. Matterforms are highly permeable, Size of a nucleus in a atom is 1x10 to power -8 that of size of atom itself. 

Thus blackhole wall is made up of PHOTONs, these Photons are bonded to each other by nuclear bond (Brahma Bond)

Gravity of a body is equal= Nuclear force x coefficient of Permeability x Krsna kan Velocity factor SQUARE

Application of Gravitational force between two bodies is directly proportional to size of body  and indirectly proportional to square of distance.

Coefficient of permeability of Blackhole is almost 0.7 or 0.8 or 0.6 and this gravity applied is close to nuclear force.


Third most difficult concept explained fluidly in this shloka of skandh purana is 


Cosmic flow of Krsna kan is utilised in formation of particles of Universe, reducing density of Krsna kan in cosmic flow making cosmic flow more steady and Uniform without zones of congestion and stagnation.

Matter dissolves in the Shiva lingam (Blackhole Body) returning Krsna kan back to cosmocyfloe of Krsna kan. This increases the density of cosmic flow of Krsna kan. 

Eventually when most of Matter is dissolved by black Holes, critical density of Krsna kan is achieved in its cosmic flow to create a zone of congestion and stagnation in its flow. This heralds catastrophic dissolution of the Universe as cosmic flow of Krsna kan is no longer steady and Uniform enough to support matterforms in universe.

This Universe completely dissolves in the blackhole and then in the All Dark Universe process of rebirth of matterforms starts again. 

Density of Krsna kan is all time high in the space of Universe. This initiative the process of sudarshan chakra assembly in the Universe with formation of Photons and then through stages of Samudra Manthan, universe gets populated with sub-atomic, atomic particles, eventually planetary system, stars and galaxies.