Aadi Samudra Manthan

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Origin of Electron, Positron and Neutrino

Rigveda describes Samudra Manthan or Churning as process of generation of particles and we have applied it to the products of SUDARSHAN CHAKRA ASSEMBLY.

Aadi Samudra Manthan or Primary Churning is process of formation of Electron, positron, Neutrino, Positron Neutrino and Electron Neutrino.

Process is achieved by controlled compression of bodies of PHOTON in the core of churning ball with release of products of churning along the poles of churning ball.

The array of bodies of photon in this controlled compression is governed by primary array of Photon bodies in EMR (Rashmi), which is determined by primarily non-conflict spin of alignment of adjacent bodies of PHOTON and secondarily Non-conflict polarity matching.

Non-conflict spin alignment assures opposite spinning bodies bodies in approximation and  polarity matching assures opposite poles in approximation.

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Adi-Samudra Manthan

Adjacent Non-conflict spinning with non-conflict Polarity match PHOTON beams are churned in the Adi-Samudra Manthan churning balls. 

Controlled compression of PHOTONs in churning ball yields the products of churning, like Electron (VISHNU), Positron and Neutrinos.

RASHMI (EMR) drives this churning under its own flow pressure


Churning ball is a SPHEROID formed by RASHMI (EMR) under its own flow pressure. PHOTON beams are controlled compressed in this ball. The concept is derived from Rigveda. Rigveda defines Samudra-Manthan as process of generation of particles of Universe.

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Image copyright: Bhagwat Krsna

Electron = Vishnu Vish (negative) Anu (particle)

Controlled compression in the Churning ball (Adi-samudra manthan) yields a pattern with pattern dysplayed exposing all outflow poles along body of particle with polar gating.

The pattern represents VISHNU the negative particle, that is Electron


Nothing is mythological in VEDAS, find anything in Vedas, and it has deep, highly evolved scientific meaning.

The head of SHESHA over VISHNU defines the POLAR MICRO-ENVIRONMENT, representing MAGNETIC FIELD of VISHNU. The coils of SHESHA around VISHNU defines EQUATORIAL MICRO-ENVIRONMENT or ELECTRIC FIELD of VISHNU. Polar arrangement of photons along the body and poles of ELECTRON (VISHNU) is self explanatory of this micro-environment developing around ELECTRON

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Neutrino=Nagas (The Serpent Particle)

Very surprisingly, Our Vedas have not only identified these particles but also elaborated its properties and functions.

Vedas have called them  NAGAS, The serpent particles, and these particles are detectable in PATALA, deep earth observatories.

PHOTONs churned in form of coils, yield NEUTRINOS=NAGAS. 

In contrast to Electron or Positron, the array of PHOTONS in Neutrinos creates a equatorial and polar neutral environment. 

These neutral particles pass through matter undetected due to equatorial and polar neutral microenvironment.


Vedas have defined VASUKI nagas, a thousand head serpent which drives Samudra Manthan. 

In present day we have identified Neutrino Background Radiation, it is the residual background neutrino radiation in present day universe. 

Vasuki is the original highly powerful neutrino radiation of early Universe and then VASUKI  churned the particles of UNIVERSE to generate proton, neutron, elements of periodic table in the process of Samudra-Manthan. 

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Vedas have defined these particle as DEVAS and ASURAS. These particles are the building blocks of PROTON and NEUTRON in the process of Samudra Manthan.   

Though these particles are not detected as individual particles in standard model but represented by Quarks. Quarks represent the assembled forms of Devas and Asuras.

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Vedic Particle Physics is derived from Sukats of Rigveda. It is further understood through elaborate depictions of GODS, Krsna, Shiva and Brahma. All the findings of Vedic scripture encompasses highly advanced concepts of Particle Physics and Cosmology. Derivation of structures of PHOTON, ELECTRON, NEUTRINO, PROTON, NEUTRON and QUARKS through Vedic scriptures is robust proof of scientific nature of VEDAS.