Madhya Samudra Manthan

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Origin of SRI (Proton)

Vedas are pure science, observed and preserved through millions of generations by our Rishis and Munis and it contains advanced concepts and theories of particle physics and cosmology.

Devas (Up Quarks Building blocks) and Asuras (Down Quarks building blocks)

VASUKI Naga (Original neutrino radiation) is very powerful, it is the original neutrino radiation of the Universe. It's very dense, tightly packed beam of Neutrino and as it focused back to the space of Universe after getting reflected from the Universe walls, it drags along Devas (Up Quarks Building blocks) and Asuras (Down Quarks building blocks) from all directions into a spheroid formation, The Churning Ball of Madhya Samundra Manthan.

It's not a mythological story but a description of the advanced process of generation of SRI (Proton) and Ardhnareshvar (Neutron).

Devas and Asuras are compressed in a controlled manner into this sheroid under immense pressure of Thousand heads of VASUKI NAGA (Original Neutrino Radiation).

Devas and Asuras are aligned according to their spin and polarity. The controlled compression in spheroid formation binds their bodies by Brahma Bond (Nuclear Bond) in specific patterns giving birth to PROTON and NEUTRONS. 

Devas (Up Quarks building blocks) and Asuras (Down Quarks building blocks) matched with their Non-conflict spin (opposite spin in approximations) and Polarity (opposite poles in approximation) generates following patterns which represents PROTONs and NEUTRONS. 

Side-on staggered arrangement of Devas and Asuras in multi-layered formation generates these patterns. 

Protons have gated poles, gating is determined by polarity of lining particles. Outflow lined poles represent the North pole and Inflow lined poles represent the South Pole of Proton. This polar arrangement generated magnetic field of Proton

Proton body is lined by inflow poles of the side-on placed Devas and Asuras. This Equatorial and Latitudinal inflow flow arrangement generated an electro positive Electric field of Proton.

Domino / Cascade Reaction

Proton and Neutron can  converts into each other by cascade reaction or domino effect. 

This effect is attributes of Devas and Asuras. 

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SRI (Proton) consorts with Vishnu (Electron) and starts resting in the space of Universe.