What is the aim of Scientific Krsna?

Validation of ancient Vedic concepts in the light of modern discoveries.  Whatever concepts are described in Vedas have their perfect counterpart in particle physics and cosmology. The description in Vedic scripture have perfect match to discovered particle properties by modern scientific experiments. 

Derivation of structures of PHOTON, ELECTRON, NEUTRINO, PROTON, NEUTRON and QUARKS through Vedic scriptures is robust proof of scientific nature of VEDAS.

What is achieved through Scientific Krsna?

Unanswered queries of Universe and Particle science are solved by "Krsna Particle Theory" .

How the proofs are found about Universe in Ancient Indian scriptures?

The suktas of Rigveda is text form describing origin and progression of Universe. And very interestingly  GODS and their stories, whether Tandava, Third eye of Shiva, shiva the destroyer, Brahma, Vishnu, samudra-manthan all of these can be expanded into very advanced theories of physics  

What is authenticity of Vedic Scripture?

Vedic society through ten thousands of generations accumulated knowledge of celestial activities, movements of stars and planets, observation of galaxies and galactic phenomena. All these observations are validated today by advanced telescopes and space research. Even the theories of particle physics developed in Vedic period can be tested in the light of modern particle physics research. In this compilation we are correlating Vedic theories with modern discoveries and finding absolute truth in ancient Indian scriptures.  

Why the knowledge got diluted?

For Hundred thousand of years celestial observations were recorded by Vedic cultures. The Concepts of cosmology, particle physics, astrophysics were developed and preserved. The knowledge got diluted due to addition of different interpretations  

Which fields of Science will be covered?

Vedic science will be answering multiple queries about cosmology, astrophysics, particle science, standard model, electron configuration, nuclear configuration.

What is the scope for further research, debates and updates?

There is HUGE scope for updating this site. The site addresses hundreds topics related to physics and astronomy and there is continuous need for updating the knowledge and adding more research.