"Dark Energy and Dark Matter = Krsna"

Primordial Dark Universe filled with Krsna Kan is burst into immense energy and illumination by Krsna Kan congestion and Krsna Kan assembly into PHOTONS. 

Image copyright: Bhagwat Krsna

Dark Energy & Matter = Krsna

Primordial Universe is filled with Multidirectional symmetrical flow of Krsna Kan, A perfect elementary particle of Universe. This Dark Energy and Matter is "Non-perceptible" due to flow property.

This hidden energy can burst into immense energy and illumination by SUDARSHAN ASSEMBLY of Krsna Kan, a spheroid assembly, which represents PHOTON.

Site of its origin of PHOTONS creates directional and positional bias of energy flow in the Universe. This bias persists along various phases of "Samudra-Manthan", the process of generation of electron, positron, neutrino, proton, neutron and nuclei. This flow bias is finally inherited by pillars of creation and also represented in the movement of cosmic bodies, galaxies, planetary system. 

Krsna represents DARK, solves DARK ENERGY & MATTER related mystery.