Scientific Krsna

"Ancient Indian scriptures contain Advanced  Theories of Physics "  The Proof is revealed here!

Elaborate concepts of particle physics and astrophysics are described in the form of KRSNA. The world has seen yogik krsna, philosophic krsna, now it's time to see 

"Scientific krsna"

Concept of Scientific Krsna   

Ancient Vedic scriptures have advanced scientific knowledge stored in them. Various concepts described not only explains origin of Universe but also explain, structure and formation of PHOTON, ELECTRON, POSITRON, PROTON,NEUTRON and ATOMS. 

KRSNA is the philosophic and the scientific soul of all these ancient discoveries. And in the light of modern discoveries these ancient Vedic concepts are getting validated.

Krsna, Sudarshan Chakra, Samudra-Manthan, Shiva, Third Eye of Shiva, Vishnu, Laxmi, Sheshnaga, Brahma, kailasa, Ganesha all of these encompass elaborate concepts of particle physics and astrophysics. 

Yoga, philosophy of living, humanity, ayurveda all have been repeatedly validated by scientifically established evidences, 


In the light of  modern scientific discoveries and evidences gained by advanced scientific experiments in recent times, here we are validating Science of Krsna

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Krsna Kan (Krsna Particle) and Origin of Universe 

nā́sad āsīn nó sád āsīt tadā́nīṃ
nā́sīd rájo nó víomā paró yát
kím ā́varīvaḥ kúha kásya śármann
ámbhaḥ kím āsīd gáhanaṃ gabhīrám

Then even non-existence was not there, nor existence,
There was no air then, nor the space beyond it.
What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping?
Was there then cosmic fluid, in depths unfathomed?

(Nasadiya Sukta, Rigveda) 

This hymn of Rigveda about the origin of universe mentions that there was nothing in beginning. The universe was filled with dark energy without any form. It suggests a dark particle, which is pervading the universe as cosmic fluid and is not perceptible due to its multidirectional symmetrical flow "The Krsna Kan".


Why Krsna, Balaji, Venkateshvar, are shown in pitch dark  form?

Because they represent "THE DARK ENERGY & DARK MATTER" at ORIGIN OF UNIVERSE, as described in The NASADIYA SUKTA of RIGVEDA .  Resolution all the queries about DARK ENERGY and DARK MATTER is based upon this concept of Rigveda.

Lord Krsna is depicted as Dark God and the GOD HEAD represents "the One and only DARK elementary particle of Universe", Krsna Kan or Dark Particle. 

"Krsna Kan (Krsna Particle)" or Dark particle is "The One and only elementary particle of Universe". Developing this concept utilizing various hymns of Rigveda could solve the mystery of Origin of Universe  and DARK MATTER and ENERGY of Universe.

Krsna Kan is one and only smallest, fastest, superluminal, perfect Elementary or Fundamental particle. It has no electric, magnetic or thermal properties..........

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Sudarshanam -Origin of Photon

táma āsīt támasā gūháḷam ágre
apraketáṃ saliláṃ sárvam ā idám
tuchyénābhú ápihitaṃ yád ā́sīt
tápasas tán mahinā́jāyataíkam

Dark energy concealed in darkness,  A continuum of dark cosmic ocean. Then That which lay in void thus covered, Burst forth in glory self excited by intent. (Rigveda)

This Sukta of Rigveda reveals the biggest mystery of physics, that is,


This hymn of Rigveda describes how dark universe is converted to the illuminated universe. It happened when Krsna Kan packed the vacuum of universe into a hollow spheroid and these structures illuminated the universe. These structures are "PHOTONS".

"PHOTONS" or " SUDARSHANAM" are represented in image form as Sudarshan chakra of Krsna or a Disk in right hand of Venkatesha. 

Its our ignorance that we call them MYTHOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATION but in-fact the Sudarshan chakra illustrates the pattern of structure of PHOTONS at its equator. 

The physicists, world over are searching these structures in Hadron colliders, particle accelerators but in fact they are present in these simple hymns of Rigveda and simple depiction of Lord Krsna. 

This symbol of disk and Sudarshan chakra is indicator of  assembly of Krsna Kan (Krsna Particle) or Dark particle into SUDARSHANAM (PHOTON), lets see in detail...…..

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"Rashmi" Electro-magnetic Radiation

tiraścī́no vítato raśmír eṣām
adháḥ svid āsī́d upári svid āsīt
retodhā́ āsan mahimā́na āsan
svadhā́ avástāt práyatiḥ parástāt

And they have stretched their cord across the void,
and know what was above, and what below.
Seminal powers made fertile mighty forces.
Below was strength, and over it was impulse.


Rashmi or Electromagnetic radiations are created when photons travelled across the length of the Universe and focused back to their site of origin. This created the cords of photons aligned with their polarity and spin forming powerful Rashmi or EMR 

Krsna represents DARK ENERGY & MATTER of Universe, in the form of GOD HEAD, The Krsna Kan.

"Dark Energy and Dark Matter = Krsna"

Scientists worldwide are perplexed with Dark energy and Dark matter. Surprisingly the whole scientific community is keeping blind eye to the answer standing infront of them, that is Lord Krsna.

It's not even hidden, it obvious, it's "Krsna = Dark Energy and Dark Matter"

Krsna Kan is one and only elementary particle of universe, its fastest, smallest, superluminal with perfect properties of matter.

Cosmic flow of Krsna Kan in earliest DARK UNIVERSE is not perceptible due to its multi-directional symmetrical steady, uniform flow. This is countless energy and mass, THE DARK ENERGY AND DART MATTER, not perceptible to humans and machines.


Sudarshan Assembly of Krsna Kan into PHOTONS, reveals small portion of this Dark energy and mass. The site of origin of Sudarshan assembly has LOCATION bias in the space of Universe. The flow of PHOTONS is divergent from site of origin with convergence back to reciprocal LOCATION in space of Universe, generation patterns characterizing properties of DARK ENERGY & DARK MATTER or COSMIC FLOW OF KRSNA KAN, retrospectively.  


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"Aadi Samudra Manthan" Origin of  Electron, positron , neutrino"

Samudra Manthan is described in Vedas, puranas and Bhagwad Gita, We are made to believe that it is a mythological concept but, in-fact It is very advanced concept of origin of elements of periodic table, it surpasses any recent concepts like BIG-BANG, STANDARD MODEL etc.  

It starts with Aadi Samudra Manthan with origin of Electron, positron, neutrinos, electron neutrino and positron neutrino

EMR or Rashmi are focused back into the space of universe, create a churning ball. This brings about controlled compression of spin and polarity aligned Photons into second generation of composite forms, that are

1 Electron (Vishnu) 2Positron 3. Neutrino (Nagas) 4 Electron Neutrino 5 Positron Neutrino

Image courtesy: Triveni Museum, Ujjain

"Madhyaa Samudra Manthan" Origin of  Proton and Neutron"

The Kshira Sagara is the site of the legend of the Samudra Manthana, the churning of the cosmic ocean. At the suggestion of Vishnu, the devas and asuras churned the primeval ocean in order to obtain amrita, the elixir of immortality. To churn the ocean, they used the serpent-king, Vasuki as the churning rope.


Samudra-Manthan is very advanced concept of physics and our scientific community will have to work for centuries ahead to understand particle physics hidden behind this concept. 

Samudra Manthan is stats that Neutrino radiation drives this churning process. Neutrino radiation with multiple heads  (VASUKI NAGA) churns "up quarks building blocks" (DEVAS) and "down quarks building blocks"(ASURAS) with formation of PROTON and NEUTRONS.

Proton is described as LAKSHMI and it binds to ELECTRON (VISHNU) and pervades the space of Universe


Wikepedia SharkD (Michael Horvath)


The eternal and infinite consciousness is I, it is my greatness dwelling in everything.

 Devi Sukta, Rigveda

Goddes "SRI" represents PROTON, and SRI (LAKSHMI) emerged in process of SAMUDRA MANTHAN.

SRI (PROTON) chose VISHNU (ELECTRON) as her eternal consort. 

Image courtesy: Triveni Museum, Ujjain

"Samudra Manthan" Origin of  Pillars of Creation"

हि॒र॒ण्य॒ग॒र्भः सम॑वर्त॒ताग्रे॑ भू॒तस्य॑ जा॒तः पति॒रेक॑ आसीत् । 

स दा॑धार पृथि॒वीं द्यामु॒तेमां कस्मै॑ दे॒वाय॑ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम ॥ 

hiraṇyagarbhaḥ sam avartatāgre bhūtasya jātaḥ patir eka āsīt |

 sa dādhāra pṛthivīṃ dyām utemāṃ kasmai devāya haviṣā vidhema ||

In the beginning the Golden Embryo evolved: Once born He was the one Lord of [every] being; The Lord sustained this heaven and earth. Who but You, shall we revere with offering and sacrifice? 

Hubble Telescope is visualizing today, has been already mentioned in the Vedas. Pillars of creation have been described in the Vedas. The various forms, patterns appeared and progressed all along the Akashganga (Milkyway) were depicted as stories of GOD. 

These patterns observed in the galaxy are observations of thousands of years. And these observations are documented in sacred vedic scriptures. 

The dust of creation was in very realistic forms as described in vedas whether it is Kailasa, Shiva, Ganesha, Nandi, Vishnu and all constellations. Over the thousands of years this forms created by dust of creation got blurred with dust dispersing.  

Image courtsey:Sree Padmanabhswamy Temple

"Visnu (Vish-anu)" Electron

Out Of Vishnu This Universe Has Arisen,

In Him Its Exists,

He Is The One Who Governs Its Existence And Destruction,

He Is The Universe.

—Vishnu Purana, 1.14

"Naga" the neutrino radiation

Vasuki the Naga took part in Samudra Manthan as rope.  This is a highly evolved concept of particle physics. We, being ignorant, assumed that this as myth. But in-fact it is a biggest truth. 

The advanced physics experiment of recent times were able to detect background neutrino radiation in deep underground laboratories, it is astonishing that how thousands of years back a vedic community were able to detect and define these radiations. They called them "NAGAS" (Neutrino radiations), also described them to be detected in PATAL-LOK, that is underground laboratories. 

And final most astonishing fact that ascertains that the Vedic community was meaning neutrino radiation by "NAGAS" is description of VASUKI NAGA with thousands of heads taking part in samudra manthan.

It is neutrino radiation in the space of Universe that drove process of Samudra-manthan or process of formtion of proton and various other elements. 

Image courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech

"Shivlingam"  Blackhole

Lets elaborate this  very interesting cosmology concept, The Shiva or Black hole 

Every matter or matter-forms and even Photons dissolves inside the SHIVA. Thus it holds the Vacuum space inside itself. The cosmic flow of Krsna Kan, which is multi-directionally symmetrical flow, supports matter-forms in the space of universe. Shiva or Black Hole is devoid of this flow inside its body and thus beholds pure vacuum space inside it. Any matter-form entering its body is disintegrated due to absence of support of krsna kan cosmic flow.

Shiva or Black Hole is pure vacuum space in Universe and all matters dissolve inside it.  


Matter dissolves inside the SHIVA, the disintegration of matter releases Krsna Kan, which flow out from the polar region of SHIVA in form of relativistic jet.

Progressive matter dissolution leads to increase in the density of Krsna Kan in cosmic flow, until critical density acquired to break the uniform steady flow of Krsna Kan. This ensues congestion in flow of krsna kan and heralds catastrophic dissolution of Universe.

Once again Universe is in its primordial form with no matter form existent, until the cycle of integration starts again in the form of Birth of PHOTONS (SUDARSHANAM) by packing vacuum space of universe in small hollow packets of Krsna Kan assembly. 

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TANDAVA, Tandem dance of Blackhole

"TANDAVA" the dance of SHIVA, Shiva Tandava is described as a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.  

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"Hiranyagarbh" The mother Nucleus

हिरण्यगर्भः समवर्तताग्रे भूतस्य जातः पतिरेकासीत ।

स दाधार पृथ्वीं ध्यामुतेमां कस्मै देवायहविषा विधेम ॥

hiraṇyagarbhaḥ samavartatāgre bhūtasya jātaḥ patirekāsīta |

sa dādhāra pṛthvīṃ dhyāmutemāṃ kasmai devāyahaviṣā vidhema ||

In the beginning the Golden Embryo evolved: Once born He was the one Lord of [every] being; The Lord sustained this heaven and earth. Who but You, shall we revere with offering and sacrifice? 

यस्येमे हिमवन्तो महित्वा यस्य समुद्रं रसया सहाहुः ।

यस्येमाः परदिशो यस्य बाहू कस्मै देवाय हविषाविधेम ॥

yasyeme himavanto mahitvā yasya samudraṃ rasayā sahāhuḥ |

yasyemāḥ paradiśo yasya bāhū kasmai devāya haviṣāvidhema ||

It is that through whose glory the snow-clad mountains rose, and the ocean spread with the river, they say. His arms are the quarters of the sky.

Who is the deity we shall worship with our offerings ?

येन द्यौरुग्रा पृथ्वी च दृढा येन स्वस्तभितं येननाकः ।

यो अन्तरिक्षे रजसो विमानः कस्मै देवाय हविषा विधेम ॥

yena dayaurugrā parthivī ca darḻhā yena sava satabhitaṃ yenanākaḥ |

yo antarikṣe rajaso vimānaḥ kasmai devāyahaviṣā vidhema ||

It is that through whom the heaven is strong and the earth firm, who has steadied the light and the sky’s vault, and measured out the sphere of clouds in the mid-region.

Who is the deity we shall worship with our offering?

At the End of Samudra Manthan, mother nucleus is formed, which is not stable in present universe and it cracks into the different nuclei of elements of periodic table 

" Brahma" Nuclear Bond of Sudarshanam (Photon)

Rigveda and Venkatesha has revealed structure of PHOTON. But journey of PHOTON to living and non-living object has become possible due to BRAHMA. 

Brahmanda is created due to a BOND, which is called BRAHMA BOND (NUCLEAR BOND)

This is a bond between two bodies of photon due to controlled compression of photon bodies during process of churning, leading to approximation and contact bonding of LATITUDINAL BODIES of adjacent PHOTONS in NON-CONFLICT spin.

This BRAHMA BOND (NUCLEAR BOND) is depicted by Heads of Brahma. Similar depiction is seen in his seat. Lotus in his seat also depicts the similar formation of Latitudinal contact bonding.

Neither this finding is mythological nor co-incidental, since its description and depiction matches with structure and function it imparts to matter and matter-forms

Combining depiction and desciption of GOD BRAMA (nuclear bond), VISHNU (Electron) Mahesh (SHIVA-BLACHOLE), whole mystery of Universe and Particle physics can be solved 

Wikepedia Nag Devta Rajesh Dhungana

Shesha represents Electro-magnetic field of Electron

Wikepedia Biswarup Ganguly 

Magnetic field of Electron emanating from its poles, represented by multiple heads of SHESHA, Electric field of electron arising due to spin and equatorial gating, surrounds its body. 

"Shesha" Electro-magnetic field of Electron (Vishnu)

It is not co-incidental that all the concepts defines in Vedas and depicted as images are real and true theories of advanced particle physics and cosmology.

In the same context the SHESHA is also very advanced concept of particle physics.

Shesha represents electro-magnetic field of Electron i.e. VISHNU. Equatorial and Polar microenvironment of VISHNU created by pattern of flow of Krsna Kan around its body due to spin, equatorial gating and polar gating of body of Electron. 


Daityas and Dānavas are not capable of recounting his good qualities. He is honoured by Devas and celestial sages. He is spoken of as Ananta. He has a thousand hoods, and he is clearly bedecked in Svastika ornaments devoid of impurities. He illuminates all quarters by thousand jewels on his hoods.

For the welfare of the universe, he deprives the Asuras of their prowess. His eyes whirl and rove due to intoxication. He has only one earring at all times.

Wearing a crown and garlands he shines like a white mountain aflame with fire.

He is clad in blue garments. He is intoxicated with pride. He is resplendent with white garlands. He is lofty like the mountain of Kailāsa where the celestial Gaṅgā falls. He has placed his hand on the plough-share; he holds an excellent iron club. He is attended upon by the embodied splendour of Varuṇa.

At the end of the Kalpa, Rudra in the form of Saṅkarṣaṇa comes out of his mouth, blazing like the flame of poisonous fire and devours the three worlds.

He holds the entire sphere of the world rising above like a peak.

Image Courtesy: Sri Ananta Padmanabh Swamy Temple

"Padmanabham" Parked Photons of Electron 

"PADMANABHAM" is a very elaborate concept of Electron architecture. PADMANABHAM-Vishnu, has parked Photons in its core. The core of electrons have layers of Photons aligned along Equator and North and South latitudes towards the central Polar corridor. These PARKED PHOTONS or PADMANABHAM PHOTONS represent potential energy of Electron. 

"KAUSTUBHA" OR Photon emission is accomplished utilizing these PADMANABHAM Photons.

Lord Panduranga

"Kausthubha"= Photon Emission

KAUSTUBHA represent photon emission by VISHNU (ELECTRON). 

Photons emitted by electrons are of  pure and of unstained property, that is of specific wavelength without mixing. It's spectral lines may extend from Red to blue colour. 

VEDAS describe KAUSTUBHA as source of energy released by STARS or Our SUN. 

Vedas indicate that these photons are stored in the Chest area of VISHNU or ELECTRON and released from the Poles of electrons.

KAUSTUBHA represents Photon emission, these Photons are of specific wavelength and stored in the core of Electron body, released from polar area of Electron.

Vedas describe KAUSTUBHA (Photon emission) as the source of energy of Stars and Sun. 


Chest Jewel (kaustubha):—Upon the chest of Lord Vishnu there is a priceless gem called kaustubha which means treasure-of-the-ocean.

yena sūryāgni vāk candra tejas āsvasvarūpiṇā |

vartate kaustubhākhyaṃ taṃ pravadantīśamāninaḥ ||

That by which the Sun, fire, speech and moon shine in their particular forms That is the form of consciousness known as the gem Kaustubha. (Gopala-uttara-tapini Upanishad 54.)

ātmānamasya jagato nirlepamaguṇāmalam |

bibhartti kaustubhamaṇi svarūpaṃ bhagavān hariḥ ||

The Glorious Hari wears the pure soul of the world, immaculate and free of negative qualities as the Kaustubha gem. (Vishnu Purana. 1;22;67.)

kaustubha avyapadeśena svātmajyotir bibharyajaḥ |

What He wears as the jewel Kaustubha is the pure Jiva-consciousness. (Śrīmad Bhagavatam  12.11.10)

Nuclear Force or Adi-Parashakti

The cosmic flow of Krsna Kan is symmetrical flow across the universe. It is not perceived by any particle as the force applied on the particle from  different direction is similar. This force represents Adi-Parashakti or Nuclear force.

As the name implies this is oldest, earliest and first force in Universe and its not perceivable until Sudarshan chakra assembly is formed in Universe, "ADI +PARA+SHAKTI"

The force binds PHOTON (SUDATSHANAM) as a spheroid formed by Krsna Kan during process of capturing vacuum space of Universe. 

This force or Adi Parashakti then takes part in all future generations of particle formed in process described as Samudra-Manthan.

I am Manifest Divinity, Unmanifest Divinity, and Transcendent Divinity. "Devi Suktam hymn-10.125 of the Rig Veda"


Vedic principles define Adilarashakti or Force of cosmic flow of Krsna kan or Nuclear force as basis of all the forces. All the forces in nature

Nuclear force, Gravity, Magnetic force and Electric force are derivatives of Adilarashakti or Force of cosmic flow of Krsna kan

 Strength of Adilarashakti weakens with ageing of Universe, Strength of Adilarashakti also weakens with progressive depth inside large matter body, Strength of Adilarashakti is negligible inside the Shiv lingam or Blackhole.

All the derivatives forces Nuclear forces, Electromagnetic forces and Gravity are proportionately affected with changes in strength of Adilarashakti.

This total consciousness which is the “World-Soul” known in Vedānta as hiraṇyagarbha (golden matrix) pure, subtle and unstained is the chest-jewel named Kaustubha. This gem is comprised of the totality of the consciousness of all living beings, born from the causal ocean, and it is the enjoyer of material creation.

Thermodynamics Transition Planes (Lokas)

(Bhutal, Patala, Talatal)

There is a drop in various bond energies, ionization energies, fission energies with depth inside a core of a large matter body. 

These planes where these transitions are taking place have been described in Vedas as Lokas.

Image courtesy: Triveni Museum, Ujjain

"Natraj" The Nuclear Configuration



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"Lokas" - Thermodynamic Transition Planes

There is a drop in various bond energies, ionization energies, fission energies with depth inside a core of a large matter body. 

These planes where these transitions are taking place have been described in Vedas as Lokas.

This concept is yet to be discovered by modern science, ......

But its absolute truth and would be prooven soon